How I make a Drawn By Faith sermon illustration

I have been avoiding making a video for a long time. But speaking for myself, I would rather watch something than read it. So I decided to record the drawing process from my screen. It made me nervous knowing I was being recorded, but I before I knew it, the project was done. So I sent off the files and mentally prepared to learn how to make a video.

The typical drawing time takes about 3-4 hours, but I managed to get the basics down to 5 minutes, so don’t worry. I do plan on making more short videos on how I make an illustration, but it will be more about one or two aspects of the drawing, not the entire process. And it will be in real time, more like a tutorial and eventually, there will be videos on how to use Dbf art in your bulletins, web site and more. Check out the “making of” or what I refer to as “How I do” here. Do you now friends and family that would enjoy Drawn by Faith? Maybe creative directors at church or homeschoolers? Please tell them about Drawn by Faith.  I’m also available for commissions if your church needs help with illustrations or logos/branding. Thanks for the support and prayers! Drew

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