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I started a Patreon campaign for DbF. It’s a pretty cool set up that allows people to be involved in the process by financial support. Patreon is a modern take on an old system. Artists would have people support them in order to continue creating. For example, the Medici family supported and fostered the creativity of Michelangelo. Am I considering myself to be remotely like Michelangelo? NO. But the concept is there.

I have been fitting in DbF art for well over a year now and the catalog is growing and I still have plans for more. But part of “fitting” the art in takes time away from my larger paying projects. However,I find the time for what I think is a worthy cause. It’s a worthy cause to me to make art that kids like. I have watched enough Cartoon Network when my son was growing up to realize that most Christian books, movies etc. were not able to compete visually with what kids are inundated with on a daily basis. Seeing that was a fuel to get me motivated to start drawing Bible art that kids can “get”. And parents as well.

Here is what I am going to ask of you. Would you be a patron of the arts? If not financially, then by word of mouth and prayer? There are several options available for sponsorship and the rewards are fun and usable. If you have no use for them, why not sponsor a church or ministry with the art?  Maybe you are a homeschool family and like to do your own devotions? The art works for that also! All I ask is you pass the art along to ONE ministry and not make it readily available to everyone. This is something special to me and I would love to help get the art into the right hands. To people who see the value of good art but may not be able afford to hire custom art from illustrators like me.

Please prayerfully consider how you can be a patron.

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