Drawn by Faith is a collection of Biblical, faith-based illustrations by Drew Pocza. Over the past few years, working with several churches and ministries, his collection has grown and he has helped share the message of the Bible in fun and visually exciting ways! Drawn by Faith is a play on words. As believers, we are called, or “drawn” by faith to God. Everyone has a different story of faith in Jesus Christ. Drew’s story is this. “I became a Christian in high school. I was originally going to go to art school but went to Bible College thinking I would become some hip youth pastor. Over the years I have found that my ways are not necessarily God’s ways and I eventually found my way back in art. After all these years, I find joy in combining the two interests. I feel compelled to act in faith, and keep drawing humorous illustrations of Biblical proportions!” We hope you enjoy Drew’s art and encourage you to check out his work for consideration for ANY of your ministry needs.

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